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Aumoon China Solar charger production process manufacturers

Aumoon China Solar charger production process manufacturers - Aumoon With Holder, 23.5% efficient use of solar energy, Much higher than the industry level. It can be used independently or in combination with power station. 15W 21W 28W 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W solar panel charger for option, We can provide the matching scheme of power station and solar charger

BPS-5000W Aumoon Power Station 110V 220V 5000W Portable Solar Generator 5kw Lifepo4 Battery for Lithium ion Battery with Optional Solar Panels

Outdoor portable power station 110v 220v 5000w with capacity 5120wh for the lithium ion battery Lifepo4 battery with LED display and moveable wheels compatible with AU/EU/US/UK optional standard AC socket and kinds of DC socket for inputting and outputting.

CPS-PD-600+ES-80 Aumoon Portable Electric Power Solar Generator Station 110V 220V Battery Outdoor Home Energy System

100W solar panel. It is suitable for outdoor camping activities. It has 5 solar panels and has a holder, which can help the panel to face torwards the sun so that it can collect the sunpower efficently. power station has one AC socket(About this AC socket, we can provide the different AC socket according to different countries. Such as USA, UK, Euopean, Japan and Chinese Socket) By teaming up with power stations, solar power can be stored in power station and keep all your appliances charged.

ES-100 Aumoon 100W Portable Solar Panel Charger

【Clean and Environmental Protection】100W Portable Solar Charger Convert the Sunlight Into Clean Energy, With PET Surface Processed, With High Temperature Resistant, Dustproof. Providing Outdoor GREEN Power Solutions for Outdoorsman.Its Portable and Easy Folded Which Make It Easy to Take Out. 【USB and DC Smart Charging Technology】 It Can Be Used to Charge Various Types of Electronic Products When Outdoor Camping, Self-Driving Tours, Cycling, Hiking. 100W Solar Charger Have 2*USB, 1*Type-C and 1*DC Port to Charge Your Mobile Phone, Laptop, Camera Etc. Quick Charge Port Charge Your Device Quickly. 【Perfect Match With Power Sation】 in Addition to Being Used Alone, It Can Be Match With Power Station. the Combination of Multiple Solar Chargers Also Speeds Up the Conversion of Solar Energy Into Electricity. the Combination of the Two Forms a Set of Solar Generator, Multi-Purpose Usage, Almost Charge Any Home Appliance.