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Aumoon EML60V-80A Heavy Duty Car Bike 3 Wheel Vehicle Truck Passenger Batteries Electric Tricycle Cargo 60V 80Ah 60V-100A Lithium Ion Battery

Features: ★Internal BMS (electronic chip) monitors battery in real time and alarms the user if any voltage or capacity abnormalities are detected. ★At only half to a third of the weight of a Lead Acid battery, LiFePO4 is the ideal choice for Marine, RV, Golf Carts,Motorcycles and Off-Grid applications. ★Without any corrosive or harmful heavy metals, Our lifepo4 lithium Batteries are more environmentally friendly than SLA batteries. ★LiFePO4 batteries have a low discharge rate and long service life, with an average life expectancy of about 5 to 10 years. LIFECYCLES (BATTERY LIFESPAN) Up to 85% capacity for 3,000 cycles in recommended conditions- 8,000 times(40% dod)

BPS-600W LiFePO4 battery Anderson Fast Charging Input Outdoor portable energy storage power station

About this item

  • Multiple Output Jacks——Suitable For Various Equipment Power Supply. It Can Charge/Power a Variety Of Electrical Equipment.
  • Quick Charging——Qc3.0 Fast Charge, Charging Speed Is 3 Times Faster. Both Mobile Phones And Computers Can Be Charged.
  • Built-In Led Lighting, Support Lighting And Sos Flashing Warning
  • Lithium Battery,Good Helper For Outdoor Work——Short And Long- Distance Trips, Self-Driving Trips, Outdoor Camping Group Building, Applicable To All Scenes Such As Outdoor Work, Long-Lasting Battery Life Can Be Fun.
  • International Jack Applicable To 99% Electrical Plugs—— No Obstacles To Use Smoother Insertion And Removal, Socket Copper Parts Have Good Toughness, Easy To Plug And Unplug, And Effortless. Meshing Technology Strong Elasticity, Quality Copper Sheet Long-Lasting Resilience.
  • Built-In Led Lighting, Support Lighting And Sos Flashing Warning.
  • In The Event Of a Sudden Power Outage,The Green And Environmentally Friendly Lithium Energy Storage Power Supply Provides You With a Noiseless, Portable And Clean Emergency Power Backup Solution

WEP-88 Portable fast 15W wireless charger magnet power hank 5000mah/10000mah ultra thin power bank

About this item

  • Support 20W PD fast charging even products that do not support wireless charging can be easily charge
  • Fast charging power bank
  • Notes: 1. Not heavy pressure, collisions, exposure to the sun, or near high temperatures, and don’t high-temperature storage. 2. Please DO NOT leave the power bank charging in car in case of high temperature. 3. To achieve fast charging function, please confirm that your phone supports fast charging mode.