How can sudden power failure not be affected?

Since September this year, the continuous high temperature climate has led to rapid growth in power demand. In addition, occasional power outages have occurred in some areas due to the superposition of various factors, such as tight power coal supply, dry water from major river basins, frequent rainstorm and flood disasters and so on.

I remember when I was a child, Usually used gasoline generators to drive emergency equipment. The huge roar and black smoke and oil pollution generated by the generators made the use experience very bad.

How can sudden power failure not be affected?

With the development of battery technology, portable power station was born. Portable power station stores electric energy in the battery pack and provides emergency power support for users through inverter conversion when power is needed. Lithium battery power station has higher energy density, safer and longer service life, making outdoor power supply moderate in volume and weight and easy to carry.

How can sudden power failure not be affected?

Portable power station has the ability of inverter AC output. In case of sudden power failure, it can drive fans, network equipment, notebooks, cashier and other equipment to operate for several hours until the power returns to normal, so as to minimize the impact on life. Power station is clean, clean, silent, easy to use, portable and can be stored for a long time, In the case of power rationing in many places, power station has become an essential product for almost every household.

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